What I Think About The Harry Potter Series (Repost)

  -The Harry Potter series is super popular, and many kids and adults read them. What do I think of the series? To by quite blunt and to the point I will just say, I do not like them! I know this is a personal conviction thing, but why is it my personal conviction? Because … Continue reading What I Think About The Harry Potter Series (Repost)


Get Your Identity In Chirst

At our Youth Group, each teen is asked to take a turn doing a study one of the weeks.  My turn is coming up in a few weeks and I have thought about doing it on getting our identity in Christ.  I thought I would do a trial run on you guys first to see what … Continue reading Get Your Identity In Chirst

Book Review || White Wolf and the Ash Princess

Eighteen year old Izzy’s limited world begins to feel cramped after she completes her self-appointed book dare. After reading two-hundred and fifty books, a thought that had been once tucked away as tightly as the books on her library shelves becomes too irresistible to ignore…”Who am I?” Memory loss prohibits Izzy from remembering her life … Continue reading Book Review || White Wolf and the Ash Princess


Book Review || The Sea Before Us

In 1944, American naval officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton arrives in London to prepare for the Allied invasion of France. He works closely with Dorothy Fairfax, a “Wren” in the Women’s Royal Naval Service. Dorothy pieces together reconnaissance photographs with thousands of holiday snapshots of France–including those of her own family’s summer home–in order to create … Continue reading Book Review || The Sea Before Us


Book Review || A Song Unheard

Willa Forsythe is both a violin prodigy and top-notch thief, which makes her the perfect choice for a crucial task at the outset of World War I–to steal a cypher from a famous violinist currently in Wales. Lukas De Wilde has enjoyed the life of fame he’s won–until now, when being recognized nearly gets him … Continue reading Book Review || A Song Unheard


Book Review ||Probing

3.5 stars Probing is four short stories about a misfit team that gets sent on crazy adventures. The don't know who provides for their trips or who even sends them, but they must work together if they want to make it out alive. I have read a few books by Bill Myers before with this … Continue reading Book Review ||Probing


White Wolf and the Ash Princess || Blog Tour

Hello everyone! Today, I am participating in a blog tour. I will be talking about White Wolf and the Ash Princess written by Tammy Lash. For today's post, I will be sharing a little bit about the book + a giveaway at the end! Make sure to come back Thursday to see my review of … Continue reading White Wolf and the Ash Princess || Blog Tour