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Hello everyone! My name is Maddy and I’m 18 years old. I have a great love for dance and photography.( View my photography blog here. ) I have many little siblings, and I am the second oldest. In my free time you can find me taking pictures, dancing, or blogging.

Here we hope to have posts that are overflowing with encouragement for you, and make you smile. There are six of us posting here at the time, and I love sharing this blog with such wonderful girls. Thanks for stopping by and we hope that we are an encouragement to you.


Hey everybody! As I write this I’m fourteen. I’ve lived my whole
life on a ranch in South Western Montana called Silver Spring Ranch. I
have five other siblings so, there are six of us in all. Yes, it’s a very
busy around here but, it’s wonderful! 🙂
Some things about me are: I love to read a lot, I could spend all
afternoon engrossed in a book. I also, like to write, I’ve dreamed of
getting a book published. Some other things I like to do is, ride horses,
help dad on the ranch, do some photography and work on my new blog
( 🙂
I’ve lived my whole life in a God fearing home. At a young age I was
taught about God and how his son came to earth and died for every person’s
sin. At the age of nine I gave my heart to the Lord, the most wonderful
thing I ever did. 🙂
Some of my favorite things are:
Food: I have lots of favorites but, one of my very favorites is, chicken
fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.
Drink: Coffee in the winter and ice tea in the summer.
Color: Blue
Animal: Horse
Thank you for taking the time to look at Girls Living For God’s Glory! I
hope you are all encouraged through this blog and God Bless!


My name is Allie. I’m almost an author, a Christian, and a journalist of form. I play the violin, I am an artist and an INTJ. I am twelve years old, and write for Christ Centered Girl’s Magazine, and Young Ladies For Christ (YLFC Club)! I am currently writing my first novel, Jack Cook. If you care, de-caf Peppermint mochas, Pumpkin Spice mochas, or White Chocolate mochas make me happy, along with scented Christmas candles, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, Piano Guys music, (Especially The Cello Song!!!) Hanging out with her best friends, (A very small group, I might add) and staying at home vs. going out to some big event. (Introvert problems, right?)

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me happened pretty recently. The greatest joy, unspeakable joy, (ask Maris, she witnessed it.) came over me on November 30th, 2016. Maris said one thing that changed everything for me. Your time will come. Simple and ordinary and common to someone, everyone. But life-changing for me. That night I accepted Jesus into my heart. Thank you, Jesus, for turning my eyes to you. Surely, like Maris said, my time would come. I bet she didn’t think that it would come a few minutes after she told me that, though.

Anyway, I have one thing to say, that beats everything else. Your time will come. So just wait. You’ll see.

Visit Allie’s personal blog over @ The Depth of My Faith


Hello everyone! My name is Ellie but please call me Bernie (it’s my nickname) I’m a 15 year old girl who lives for God’s glory! God has given me the talents of photography, blogging, writing, cooking, drawing, and reading. If you give me a sheet of paper it might turn into something more than words. I love modest fashion! I’m homeschooled and proud! My favorite subjects are English, History, and Latin. I play the piano and violin. My favorite verse is 1st Peter 1:24-25. I love joking around and playing with my family. Oh yeah I have a beagle named Rudo! My favorite book is Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan of course The Bible and Horse and his Boy by C.S. Lewis. I love music like Royal Tailor, 1 girl nation, and Gardiner Sisters. I’m a very silly and weird person so please excuse my insanity. I also love the youtube channel Brooklyn and Bailey who are twins and post random stuff like cooking, challenges, fashion, and family. Blogging is awesome but it’s not always the writing part I love the most. It’s getting to know more friends who love God. I am often thought of crazy because I love the crazy cold weather outside. Please check out my own blog at Also please check out my sister’s blog at


more coming soon

brookeHello! I’m Brooke a proud Christian, food lover, book worm, and animal lover! I post weekly and hope you love this blog as much as I do! I started blogging because I wanted to have a place where I could vent and be me. And I know, the stereotypical blogger is a super quiet introvert in real life, but I’m actually the total opposite. Sometimes I talk way too much! Did I mention that I am a HUGE procrastinator?
Anyways, bye!