From the Shelves || Summer Favorites

Hey everyone! Faith over @ Stories by Firefly recently came up with "from the shelves" where she gives book recommendations from her physical books. I loved the idea and that's what I'll be doing today! Thanks for letting me join this series, Faith! Since summer just ended, I decided to share my favorite books that … Continue reading From the Shelves || Summer Favorites


Secrets Behind The Abortion Industry: What I Learned From Working At A Pregnancy Center

(Disclaimer: This post is very honest about the methods and techniques present during an abortion. If you are younger than 16, it may be too much for you and you might want to skip this post.)

I decided to apply to volunteer at a local pregnancy center the summer I turned 16. I thought I would be able to help out around the center, cleaning, organizing, or doing office work.

I didn’t expect to get the education on abortion that I did.

I read countless brochures, flyers, and articles on every subject you can think of. Abstinence, post-abortion, healthy relationships, adoption, healthy pregnancy, all kinds of medical problems and health issues.

Then came the videos. I watched plenty of informational videos on birth and abortion. I watched testimonials of women who had had an abortion, survived an abortion, or who used to perform abortions. The stories were crazy and seemed…

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The phrase, "bloom where your planted" is something I've heard a lot in the past few years. You see it everywhere. On note cards, typed onto those cute photos on Pinterest, Bible study books.... In response, I say easier said than done. Being content where we are is extremely hard, and its something I've had to learn … Continue reading Bloom

Stop Waiting for Friday

True and Pure

Hi everyone! Today I’m so excited to bring you a guest post from the wonderful Miriam at Crafted by Christ.  Be sure to subscribe to her blog! She has wonderful insights on Christianity, life, and being a teenager, and I’m honored to exchange posts with her. 

It was the most boring month of my life.

In May of 2016, at the end of my sophomore year of high school, I had nothing to do but anticipate the future. The end of that month began the whirlwind of working and taking college classes that I am still caught up in today. But this was the beginning of the month, and all I could do was imagine what my life would be like after I started my first job while simultaneously taking classes for dual credit at the local university. So, day after day I went through the motions of…

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