Q&A On Britt’s Book Corner| Ask Me Some Questions!

Hey guys!  I haven't done a Q&A forever on any of my blogs and decided it was about time.  My actual Q&A post will be posted on my other blog, but I will take any questions you guys have on this post as well. What kind of questions can you ask? You can ask any!  … Continue reading Q&A On Britt’s Book Corner| Ask Me Some Questions!


Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Length Hair!

Hey guys!  Here are five hairstyle ideas that I hope will help you this Spring and Summer!  I have a hard time sometimes finding things to do with my hair, so I went on to the trusty pinterest and found some ideas, and here is what I found!

Modest Outfit Ideas For Summer

  I got this idea from Melani@reflectionsoftheheart.  Thanks Melani! It can be hard knowing what to wear during the hot weather while still being modest and stylish.  Here are some ideas: Cute, right??  I'm getting Summer fever just looking at all of these pins! Hope these Pinterest pics were helpful and happy Spring everybody!! Britt