Mirror, Mirror~ What Lies Within


Hey friends! I am not an official contributor to Girls Living for God’s Glory, but today I am guest posting. My name is Melani and I blog over at Reflections of the Heart. Maddy, the one who began this blog, is one of my sisters. : )

I find it funny how so often we let a piece of glass define who we are. Yuck, not a great hair day. I wish I were as tall as her. Do I look okay? What will my friends think of this outfit?

Does this sound familiar? If you grew up watching Disney, I’m pretty sure that you know this next quote.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall- who’s the fairest one of all?”

How often do we look in a mirror and wonder the same thing? Well, maybe not the exact same thing, but pretty close. Our reflection is what determines whether or not we feel comfortable with ourselves for the day. The glass decides. And to a point it has control over us.

The Evil Queen was absolutely obsessed with her appearance. To the point that she would kill to be the prettiest. You know the story. Snow White runs into the forest, meets the seven dwarves, and- never mind. I’m getting carried away. ; P

Why don’t we spend more time dying to self and worrying about something more important? The world has plenty of problems on its own. We don’t have to add our own petty issues.

I really like the lyrics to a song by Barlow Girl. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and type the entire song, but here is a small portion:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, have I got it?

‘Cause Mirror you’ve always told me who I am.

I’m finding it’s not easy to be perfect.

So sorry, you don’t define me.

Focus on ways to build inner beauty. What truly matters, not what the mirror hanging in your bedroom shows you. Jesus gave the perfect example of a life of service. Goodness, He wasn’t even too proud to wash feet! How much more should we be willing to give our time? Time that could be spent putting on makeup, trying on outfits, or fixing your hair. That won’t last. That won’t matter.

It won’t bring fulfillment, either. I know that the less I think of myself the more joyful I am. Isn’t that funny? Thinking about yourself doesn’t make you happy. It only makes you more miserable. Instead, focus on other people’s needs. Find ways to serve. You could…

*Make a meal for your family.

*Read a book to your little siblings.

*Start an email prayer or Bible study group.

*Find ways to serve outside of the home that is appropriate for your age. I go to a crisis pregnancy center on Mondays, and this is a huge blessing to me!

*Help out around the house.

*Pray for strangers.

*The list is endless!

Thank y’all for visiting today!


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