Girl’s Living For God’s Glory – Episode 2

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Last week, we talked about a quick overview of what a girl living for God’s glory is. It was mostly a summery of her trust in Christ. Today, I have something a little different planned.

A girl who is living for God’s glory looks like three things. One, she shows compassion to all. Two, she dresses appropriately; honoring both God, and her future husband. And three, her actions say so. All of these things are traits of a girl living for God’s glory. And this is what my point is for today.

If you have not read the last article, you are more than welcome to jump right in here, or go back and read the introduction first. For those of you who have not read the most recent article, this is a series focusing on the girl who is living for her Majesty’s glory. This series will hopefully open the eyes of many woman, young and old.

Let’s begin talking about the first trait I mentioned; showing compassion to all. What does that mean? Most likely, if someone has wronged you, you would want revenge. You might do something terrible, like hit them, cut their hair and mess it up, thrash their belongings, or something much more severe. Let me just say this- does revenge reflect Jesus Christ? No, surely not. He died for our sins, and He took it all on Himself.  They teased, beat, and mocked Him, but He didn’t seek revenge- He let the Lord handle it. And I believe that that is what a girl who is truly living for God’s glory should do.

The second one is of big importance to a young, growing girl, dressing appropriately; honoring both God, and her future husband. How do I go into more detail? Let me just say this- would a daughter of the Lord of hosts, child of the King of kings, wear clothes that make men- not her husband- think evil thoughts? No, no no no. Not only is it dishonoring God, but it’s invaliding your husband/future husband’s gift, given by God to the man you are meant to be with. What I mean by dressing appropriately, is not revealing too much, where it leaves major, well, you know what I am trying to say. Dress like God would want you to dress- not how Hollywood would want you to dress.

And finally, the third, which is something that there is absolutely NO escape from- actions. Something so slight, as a roll of the eyes, can set off the feeling that God isn’t living and shining through her. Maybe it’s something bigger, like the way you interact with someone you don’t want to be talking with. Or maybe something like your “enthusiasm” for a boy. I mean, if your not going CRAZY when your praying, but your going absolutely BONKERS for some boy, than there is something wrong- In other words, that boy is becoming a God. Bad action, caught! #1 commandment- Do not make any God’s before Him. These are all actions, disobedience, being a big doozy.

We’ve talked about showing compassion to all, dressing appropriately, and actions. These things should be clear, aside from me noting them. Compassion can be shown when your brother breaks your favorite necklace; dressing appropriately can be featured when your at the store or something, hopefully all day; and actions, well, those are sins, and sins can’t be avoided… but you can sure try. Practice makes perfect, you know.😉

A. Taylor


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