Girl’s Living For God’s Glory – Episode I

Who is a girl living for God’s glory?

A girl living for her Savior’s glory is a child of God who is doing exactly what God wants her to do with her life, A daughter of the Lord who worships Him; through good and bad, A girl who trusts her savior with her life. 

Lets talk about the first one, doing exactly what God wants her to do with her life. What does that mean? What exactly does it mean to do exactly what God wants you to do with your life? Well, first off, I guess you could say that it means not doing things that bring shame and disgrace on the name of the Lord. Things like using His name in vane, doing stuff outside of marriage, behavior that doesn’t reflect the Lord, and so on. But it can be hard to avoid, because sin is apart of us- sin is what makes us separate from God. It’s a shame to be sinful- especially when you know the difference between good and evil.

Now let’s talk about the second one, worship Him; through good and bad. Rejoicing is easy when times are easy. But what happens when things are bad? Should we lose sight of the Lord? Fear? Run, maybe? Or should we stay rooted in the the Lord? Have joy, no matter what? Trust, no matter what? I think that the second option is a much better choice. A girl who is living for the glory of God is a girl who should be happy in the Lord, no matter the circumstance. Our joy will shine through the heart of God’s child, and that’s how we all should strive to try and be like. Even though it can be hard, really hard.

And- the third one. Trusting your savior with your LIFE. Now, what does it mean to trust God with your life? This one, I will never completely be able to grasp the full strength and power. It’s really hard to live fearlessly, knowing that your only protection is God. But at the same time, it’s so reassuring. But sometimes we wonder, what if the Lord won’t protect me today? Well, that’s when you realize that something is wrong with your faith. And most likely, it’s because your doubting the Lord. Whatever the reason is, there is one. How to fix it is completely up to you and God- and you and God alone. That’s what trusting Him is about- knowing that you can fall, and He will catch you.

The Lord has His hand over your life, he will protect you, and he will guide you.



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