Character Analysis

Hello everyone!

My dance school is doing a show about the Nativity, and they assigned each one of us to write an one page character analysis on whatever character they gave us for the show. They wanted us to do is so that we could learn more about our characters and really be able to feel what they were going through during that time. That way it would make our show look more like we’re telling a story, rather than just dancing. I am going to be the angel Gabriel in our show, therefore I had to write a character analysis about him. Today, I thought that I’d share my paper with you all. I hope that you enjoy it and maybe learn something new about Gabriel.

( Note : they wanted us to not only write different facts and such about our character, but they also wanted us to write about what sort of movement quality’s we thought that we should use from a dancers perspective. That is what my last few paragraphs are about.


What would it be like to be a messenger of the Lord? Scripture doesn’t say much about the emotions of the angel Gabriel, so I can’t really say how he truly felt. For me though, I know that if I was chosen to share this Good News, I would be humbled. Maybe a little nervous as well, hoping that this young girl would receive the news well that she was carrying the Messiah.

People were most likely scared of Gabriel because he came from the presence of God. In Exodus 34, Moses spoke with God and was in His presence. After he came down from Mount Sinai, it said that he was unaware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord. When Aaron and all of the Israelites saw Moses, they were afraid to come near him. In both instances, God’s glory and holiness reflected off of both Moses and Gabriel.

Besides being a messenger, Gabriel’s main purpose was to give glory to God. The name Gabriel means “ Mighty One of God” and I believe that he is a really good example of giving glory to God, and also being a good messenger of the Lord.

One fact that I found neat about Gabriel was that he is one of only two angels that was explicitly named in the Bible. He was the first angel ever mentioned in the Bible, and then the other angel, Michael, was mentioned in Revelation.

As for thinking about Gabriel from a dancer’s perspective, I think that he should retain the emotion of a joyous attitude. He has been sent by God to tell Mary that she will give birth to the King, what greater news could there be to tell?

For the movement quality, I think that it should be a mixture of both gracefulness and strength. He is an angel and therefore the moment should look light and graceful, but I think that it should also look strong and grounded at the same time.

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