The Truth of A Friend


I’m so sorry that I’m a day late with my posting.  I hope you all don’t mind that I’m posting a day late.

Today, I’m talking about the truth of  a friend.  These two proverbs I posted up top, are ones that I read the other day for school.  As I read them I kind of pondered what they meant.  So, this is what I thought…

  1. A True friend ALWAYS tells the truth… I think now of days we are always so busy trying to impress our friends and are always so busy trying to stay on their good side, we forget to build each other up.  As Christian friends, we are supposed to build each other up and lead each other in the faith.  For example: If you start going down the wrong path and start into some sin, would you want your friends to show you the corrections and help you towards the right path?  Maybe, at the moment you wouldn’t; you would want them to leave you alone and let you run your own life.  But, what if what you were doing was going to hurt you, and you just couldn’t see it at the time?  You would probably feel pretty grateful.  I know I would.  And I think your friend would feel pretty grateful too.  So, please tell the truth with each other.  In the end, telling the truth will help grow your relationship as friends.
  2.  Do it with love… Notice that Proverbs 17:17 says, A friend loves at all times.  Maybe, you are going to a friend to talk about a decision they made that you don’t completely agree with.  When you get there you start yelling at them, telling them how stupid they were to make that decision.  Do you think they would respond very well?  Remember,  you are going to them about the problem because you care about them, and you want what’s best for them.  Go to them gently, just tell them how you are feeling with love.  They will respond much better.


So, that’s what I got out of those two proverbs.  What did you get out of these proverbs?  Let me know in comments below.

See you guys later!



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