Struggles In Faith

Hello everyone!

It has been WAY TOO LONG since I have posted, and I am so sorry Maddy for not! I will try to be better at it. Anyway, today I am posting about Struggles in faith. I guess for most teenagers/12 years old Christian girls, this is a critical time in our walk with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. For some of us, school is influencing us for the worst… or maybe it’s friends, or even self-doubt. I know how it is. Most defiantly, I’ve been having problems in my walk. But you know what, as I say this, I realize that it’s not a problem, it’s a push, a shove. God is giving me (or allowing) these issues and dilemmas for a reason, and I’d like to believe it’s to strengthen me in my faith.

It’s not easy feeling in between on your faith. It certainly isn’t easy. You never know that if you die right then and there, if you will be saved or not… It can be scary.

What do you do?

Well, sorry, but I can’t help you there. I am still trying to figure that much out for myself… I’m afraid. But you know what, we have to forget about drowning, and trust in God… Walk upon the water, and trust. The only way I know of to help you in your faith is surround yourself with the Bible, Christian (and I mean STRONG Christian encouragers) friends, and your family… Honestly, even though we might fight and try to do it on our own, it’s all in vain. I just go and talk to my mom. Find someone that genuinely loves and cares for you… Go to them and pray, talk with them, let them build you up… Don’t try to fight it alone… Without God, you can’t do it. But with him, anything is possible.

Again, I am sorry for not posting lately, I will try to more often!

In Christ,

Allie Taylor


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