5 Tips for Memorizing Bible Verses

Today I wanted to post some tips for memorizing.

We use memorization a lot in scriptures and school.

And I’m not just here to say some things that help me.

And I hope they help you too.

It’s really good to memorize bible verses because when your in a hard time you can remember that verse.

My first tip is to say it over and over again.

Sometimes it’s annoying saying it many times but it really helps.

Second, to memorize it in little bits.

If you’re memorizing a couple verses learn one verse then once you’re ready learn the second verse. That helps so you’re not overwhelming yourself.

Thirdly, sing your verse.

Make a tune out of it. I once had a big Psalm to do. It made it so much easier when I made a little tune out of it.

Fourthly, read it a lot.

Put it as your lock screen. Tape it by your bed. Read it a lot. It helps.

And fifthly, ask God to help you.

Praying is awesome. Ask God to help you. It works guys!

I hope these are helpful!

Comment below if you’re memorizing a verse and tell me what it is.

Thanks for reading!


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