Rejected And Alone

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I missed my last post. I was at a Christian camp and didn’t have internet. I know I could have scheduled it, but I didn’t realise I was going to be away that week until I was already at the camp! Anyway, the camp was great, and I’m back now.:)

Today, I want to talk about how much God understands what we’re going through. I used to often feel like God couldn’t understand how I felt because he had never experienced what I had. I’ve always felt like an outcast, and when I go to a new place, I never really feel accepted, and whenever I prayed about it I would end up asking myself in the back of my mind, “How can God help me if he doesn’t understand?”
Then one day last year, in church, we were singing one of my favorite songs (“Above All”), and a line in the chorus stood out to me in a way that I’d never heard it before: “You lived to die, rejected and alone.” It suddenly occurred to me that Jesus lived his life being rejected, and feeling alone and outcast. So much that eventually he was killed. And yet, he let them kill him, so that he could take their (and our) sins and sufferings on himself. And as he died, his own father turned away from him. Out of all of us, Jesus was the most rejected. He of all people understands what we are going through. He’s experienced all our pain and more, emotionally and physically – being crucified is one of the most painful deaths known to man. And yet, he did it for us. He did it for the very people who hammered in the nails; the people who shouted for him to be crucified even though he had never wronged them. He died at their hands, so that they (we) could be saved.


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