My God is Amazing

So today is not my day to post, but I haven’t posted in a while so here’s something I posted on my own blog a couple of weeks ago.

Seriously everybody my God is amazing!

Welcome to Good Apples Friday

I am here today to remind you of how great your God is. And how loving he is towards you.

Today for my bible study I had the joy of reading the last to chapter sadly of Live Smart. I recently posted about this book and how we should love the church a couple weeks ago and I’m here again with some other awesomeness from this book.

Know the Gospel

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2nd Corinthians 5:21

At first I didn’t really get this verse, but now after hearing this chapter it really comes clear.

What do you feel like most of the time when you get very bad score on a test? I feel very discouraged. But what about this kind of score? What if I told you that every single day I pray to God saying, “God please let me obey you today. Please let me love others. Please let me have a good attitude and obey my parents.” And after that I hate on others. I don’t obey my parents and if I do I whine horribly about it. And that makes me feel so discouraged. So mad. That I can’t go one hour without sinning against God. Without just saying two words after my mom tells me to do something. Yes mom. Why? And it makes me feel so sorry to God. I failed. I totally failed. That test was to see if I could obey my mom with a good attitude and I failed.

But God sees this and he is sorry for us. He loves us and he doesn’t want us to go to hell. He wants us to be with him forever. So he looks at his son and his perfect score. Jesus, lived a perfect life. Absolutely no sins. And what reward does Jesus get for that perfect score. Would you take the blame for all of Ellie’s sins and every ones sins and die for them. I get so mad when sometimes my dad said I meant to spill the water on the table when really it was just an accident. Imagine people hating on Jesus and making him die for something he never even did. But he loved us enough that he did that for us. He died for us. He took my blame. Okay thank you Jesus!

And it gets better too! Not only did Jesus take my blame, but he gave me his perfect score. I’m clean. You are clean guys! Jesus gave you his perfect score. His 100% on one of the hardest I mean hardest tests of your life. He gave it to you. oh boy girls you are loved. you are loved!

Martin Luther called this the “great exchange.” You know what I deserve? Eternal death. You know what Jesus deserves? Eternal life with Jesus Christ. And you know what I received instead of what I deserve. Eternal life with Jesus Christ. And you know what Jesus received instead of what he deserved. death. And he did die. But he rose from the dead. And now we will have eternal life with him in heaven. Oh thank you Jesus. I do not deserve ANYTHING. But you gave me eternal life.

This is why my God is amazing.

And I hope you think that too.

Now spread this to everyone you see.

And let them see the joy that you have too.

That Jesus died for you and he is risen!


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