For many of us, if your gift is being gentle, it is easy for you to not find guilt in those verses in the Bible that imply you to be gentle. And then- those of us who are just… not gentle. I myself am strong, often mean and bold. What do you think people see when they see me? Probably not the Lord reflecting in me. If you are gentle, then they probably will see God. We need to be gentle, no matter what our nature is. It is always hard for me to put my pride aside and be humble and gentle. I have been reading a book called Dear Princess A Book for Girls by Mary M. Landis. I think I might have mentioned this book to you girls  before, but if not, it is a _______ book with ______ lessons for girls. (You can order Dear Princess here.)   The lesson my mom has been making me read and reread over and over again is called The Gem Of Gentleness. I certainly have to work on that. Gentleness is something that God commands girls to do!



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Trying to be gentle but failing majorly,



5 thoughts on “Gentle{ish}

  1. Wow!! That is amazingness awesomesauce!! That really made me rethink my attitude, especially now that my school starts on three day. Thanks!! I feel God moved you to post that for a reason. You are amazing, and what your striving for with God is truly special.


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