Using our Abilities and Resources for Adonai


Hey y’all! Summer is officially here and, if you live in the south (like me) it honestly feels like, it has been summer year round. Haha. Anyway, Adonai (Christ) has blessed us with many gifts and abilities like singing, art, hospitality, etc. but, are we using them for ourselves or for Him? When we are doing something, it needs to be done ultimately for God’s Glory and, (Colossians 3:17 and 1 Corinthians 10:31) especially humbly (Proverbs 11:2).

Whatever gift you have been blessed with, pray about what to do with it then, let the Lord lead you in turn, to bring glory to His name. If you are good with cooking, crafts or whatever-donate items, give to friends, family, leave tracts, pray with people, etc. If you don’t quite know what you gift is (of course pray, pray, pray and talk with you parents) but, if you have any social media like, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (or one of the thousand other social media, or just send letters) then, encourage friends and family in Christ. Believers, unbelievers, and especially the unbelievers who think they are believers. Talk with them *communicate, communicate, communicate. You need to have good communication. Without it, you won’t get anywhere*, pray with them, send verses, let them know that you care and, make sure to follow up.

Now, onto humility which, is something I am constantly reminding myself. Sometimes for me, it is hard to be humble when you cook or crochet something that lots of people like and, when people say, “Oh, it looks so good, you should make a career out of it!” I tend to feel too proud but, when I know I am thinking to highly of myself, I remind myself to be humble. Kind of like this *humble, humble, humble* Lol. So, if you struggle with pride like me, than pray and pray and be consistent with yourself and, let the Lord work in you.

I know this was rather brief but, I wanted to get to the point so, I hope y’all were encouraged and that’s all for today!  Have a blessed day! Love y’all!

Thanks so much Maddy!

In Christ,

Anya Smith xo


❤ 😀


4 thoughts on “Using our Abilities and Resources for Adonai

  1. Forgot to mention that when encouraging others in Christ, etc. communication is VERY IMPORTANT! So make sure that you are communicating properly. 😀


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