Is There Even Time Anymore?

Hello y’all! This is a long one, so buckle up! I’ve broken it down into sections for your sake 🙂

  • Highlighted sections are things i’d like you to write and study a bit.
  • Italicized things are things I want you to not write down, but try to keep in mind.
  • And the normal stuff is MUST-READ. 🙂
  • Bold and Italicized is something I want you to remember and write down.

Intro /// Is There Even Time Anymore?

Back during the Bible times, people dedicated DAYS to worshipping God. I mean, where did all of that go? Our the course of like, 3,000 – 4,000 years, we have slowly dedicated less and less time to God. A lot of us go to church, but is it one on one with you and God? Probably not too much. How much during church are you listening to the pastor and focusing on him? The whole time, right? Well, we get so caught up with our relationship with the pastor and the worship team, that we hardly focus on the one he’s preaching about, or the one their worshipping. We don’t truly give God enough time! 

SUMMERY FOR IS THEIR EVEN TIME ANYMORE?: No, there really does not seem to be time, just because we have relationships with people who bare the holy spirit inside of them, doesn’t mean we have a relationship with God.

Why Don’t We Focus On God?

We do this mostly because of these 10 things;

  1. It’s that time of day I post on Facebook (All day and week)
  2. I have a trip to that baseball game with my friends
  3. I have to run like 20 errands today
  4. Well, i’ve got to take care of my dog today
  5. CHORES! Lots and lots of chores
  6. Co-op
  7. Shopping
  8. Eating, Sleeping, eat. things needed to physically stay alive
  9. More Social Media
  10. And finally, but not least-common, the typical, everyday, run-of-the-mill WORK! Career, job, whatever!

These are certainly the things we get caught up in everyday! NO EXAGGERATION! We truly spend all day on things that won’t even matter when we get to heaven!

SUMMERY FOR WHY DON’T WE FOCUS ON GOD?: There are so many things that get in the way of our walk with God. We have to try to avoid them!

Explain Obsession 

What is obsession? It’s like something that we dedicate just too much time to. Something that we can’t say NO to. It’s just that way! We are obsessed with practically everything we have! Phones, Money, Chores, Work, and Social media! We are obsessed with it all! When we really need to be obsessed with God. With reading the Bible. With Talking about God to the Godless people.

SUMMERY FOR EXPLAIN OBSESSION: Our lives are full of Obsession that we should not be focusing on. Obsess over God.

Living A Matthew 16:25 Life

Are you familiar with the verse “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it”? What this verse is pretty much saying, is that if we give our earthly-nothing lives up, we will have a beautiful eternal life p in heaven. But if we don’t give up our earthly-nothing lives up, we won’t have the beautiful eternal on in heaven. Though you might be thinking; “Does that verse mean lets someone kill you for your faith?” Though that is a little extreme, but some choice we might all have to face, I don’t mean it that extreme in this case. I mean it more as, give up the un-godly things in your life, something that probably consumes time that you could be spending with God in trade for a wholesome life in heaven.

SUMMERY FOR LIVING A MATTHEW 16:25 LIFE: We have the things in Life that are pleasing God, and we have the things that are not. The bad things are things you want to get rid of, to free time to worship God.

When Will Be The Perfect Time To Worship God?

ALWAYS! This should be obvious. If there is no time now, you might as well do it while you rot in your grave! How do we make the time now? Trick question. Answer; We don’t. The time is already presented! You were born, weren’t you? God has given us time since birth! The test in life is to see if we stay true to God, and you can’t stay true to someone you don’t know! So we have to simply get rid of the distractions and use that time, the perfect time, to worship him!

SUMMERY FOR WHEN WILL BE THE PERFECT TIME TO WORSHIP GOD?: There is always time. There is not a time of day God is on Lunch Brake or his Office is Closed. Talk to him whenever! He can hear you!


The truth is, time is invisible. Time is slick. It slips through our hands before we can hold it. We spend so much time waiting for the right time, we never realize that the right time is now. As I sit at this computer, I feel time slipping away. But I know that I’m doing something useful. I’m telling you all about the Lord and How NOT to lose time. we might have to sometimes look through a looking glass to see, but no matter if we see it or not, we have to have Blind Faith, unlike our faith with God.

I hope you found this post eye-opening. I will soon have a link up that will direct you  to my sites page with some free printables for Daily Devotion, Morning Devotion, Class Study Group, Bible Devotion With Friends and whatnot. But for now, I have some miniatures down below for you to look over;


The Way I Worship God /// Morning Devotion /// 5-Day Devotion


Dear Princess

Charting A Course In Your Youth


Day One

  • Read my Bible – 20 minutes – Genesis
  • Pray – 10 min-
  • Read Dear Princess – Chapter One – (If lack of material, Inspirational book about God works, too)

Day Two

  • Read my Bible – 20 minutes – Genesis
  • Pray – 10 min-
  • Read Charting A Course In Your Youth – Introduction – (If lack of material, Inspirational book about God works, too)

Day Three

  • Read my Bible – 20 minutes – Genesis
  • Pray – 10 min-
  • Read Dear Princess – Chapter two – (If lack of material, Inspirational book about God works, too)

Day Four

  • Read my Bible – 20 minutes – Genesis
  • Pray – 10 min-
  • Read Charting a Course In Your Youth  – Chapter One – (If lack of material, Inspirational book about God works, too)

Day Five

  • Read my Bible – 20 minutes – Genesis
  • Pray – 10 min-
  • Read Dear Princess  – Chapter Three – (If lack of material, Inspirational book about God works, too)







16 thoughts on “Is There Even Time Anymore?

  1. That was so cool! You should write a book on that! It has been really hard for me to find time for the Lord lately, so this helped a lot. I don’t think I will ever give up writing or blogging. But maybe I can find something else to cut out of my schedule.


    1. That’s so encouraging, Anika!!! I had to do that to, and now I have no social media, unless you count WordPress and Email social media. (I also do Pinterest, but only like, once every six months, at most)
      Now that I think about it, that would be so cool to write a book on that! I just might!!!! Actually, I will!


    2. Guess what? I don’t know if you read my most recent post yet, but it was about writing a book with articles that I write about faith in it !!! Though, I still want to have one singular book just for that 🙂


    1. I get overwhelmed with all that stuff, and to me, it sounds like God saying, “Too much, I’m enough.” I used to have problems with maintaining too much, but now, with lots of prayer, seem to notice when enough is enough.

      Liked by 1 person

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