Hola! (Sorry, but internet cut out on me yesterday.)
So, today I am going to be talking (er, typing?) about a book in the Bible. What book, you ask? Well, it’s this book called Job.
Now, I’m sure that most – if not all – of you have heard of Job. He was a godly man who lost all of his livestock and children, etc. But, I’m sure that not many of you have read the book in its entirety.
Did you know that God sent the angels that practically destroyed Job’s life? Or that the book of Job is actually 42 chapters long? Or that most of those chapters are Job complaining to his friends (with good reason, though)?
Okay, okay, let me backtrack.
Satan was challenging God that Job wasn’t as faithful as God claimed, so to prove his point (basically), God had his angels come up with ideas to prove that Job was as faithful that they come. This seems familiar, right? But did you know that Job was seriously doubting himself?
And that is why the rest of the book is Job arguing with his friends – Job’s case that God didn’t care, and his friends’ that Job was wrong. Yeah.
Is this post just did-you-knows?? Nope. Actually, I’d highly recommend that you read that book. But, I think that we can relate to Job in many ways. And others, to aspire to be like him. For a long time Job had a strong faith in God, and even the other times he still had faith, he was just lamenting to God. And even through all his trials, he stood strong.
Wouldn’t it be great to be like him?
Sorry this post is a little abstract, but I hope that you learned a little something. 🙂
~ Alyssa


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