Where Feet May Fail, Faith Will Stand


You call me out into the storm,

Where I will fight the raging war,

With tears of blood and eyes of flames,

thought to be taken over by the waves. 

With a calling heart and a strengthened soul, 

I will fight the war in whole.

I will find your light in the dark,

where creatures of sin do lark.

I, your shelter will protect,

and I, you shall never neglect.

With my sword of the spirit, 

the courage I shall inherit, 

and my shield of Faith,

you, Jesus, I will follow and trace

The way you fought the raging world. 

-Allie Taylor


Lately, terrible things have really been taking their effect on the world. Even more so in the hearts of the christians. We can feel it, and it certainly gives us a spiritual burden. We know the sickness of sin, but the hard part is to diagnose exactly what the illness is, and how to cure it. The cure is always a simple prayer or a passage in the bible, but what is the thing that will give us complete strength? I certainly believe that the Lord has a different passage to give us heeling. For me, it is Psalms 37:1. This is my “special verse”. One night, I was feeling awful, I had the chickenpox. I was feeling spiritually ill because my mind was filled with the matters of the world. Because I always could easily find refuge in The Bible itself, I went to my night stand to grab it. I accidentally dropped it when I felt a sudden pain in my hand. When I reached to pick it up, I had found that it flipped open to the book of Psalms, chapter 37. My eyes jotted to the first verse. It miraculously was and answer to my prayer! The verse read this,


Do not fret because of those who are evil, nor envy those who do wrong. For like the grass, they will soon whither away. 

This verse brought me great joy. I felt so happy that the Lord was really up there and that he could hear me.  Where feet may fail, faith will stand.



Thedepthofmyfaith.wordpress.com age 11


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