Some Favorite Christian Authors

Good evening!

Today was my last day of school…I am thrilled to be done for the school year! Of course, I have about a million plans for this summer, but what I hope to spend the summer doing the most (besides publishing my book) is reading. I LOVE to read. ❤

One of my favorite genres to read is Christian literature, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christian authors.

1. C.S. Lewis

I love this author so much. Beside his INCREDIBLE writing talent, I love the way he thinks and the way he conveys his thoughts in the most creative ways. A few of my favorite books by him are The Screwtape Letters, Till We Have Faces, Mere Christianity, and of course, every single book in Chronicles of Narnia.

2. Jenny L. Cote

I have emailed with this author, and I love her and her writing. Two of her book series are Epic Order of the Seven and The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz. These books are absolutely amazing!

3. Jerel Law

I read his Son of Angels series…gahhhh. It is so good! Very action-packed, but Christ still shines through it.

4. Harper Lee

Has anyone read To Kill a Mockingbird? While the book doesn’t exactly mention Christ, it teaches some very good Christian morals and really makes you think. It is most certainly one of my favorite books of all time.

5. Bruce Etter

First of all, this author is one of my teachers. 😉 One of the best teachers ever, in fact. He is amazing, and so are his books. He wrote the Pages of History series. I read the first two, and they’re both brilliant! Lots of action, but also lots of history.

Let me know if you’ve read any books written by these authors! What are some of your favorite Christian authors?

Have a lovely evening, and thank you for reading!



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