Stressed Out!

“I can’t do it.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m too tired.”

“I’m such a nobody. What can I do?”

“It’s too hard, and I’m too weak. There’s so many other people in the world, someone else will do it.”

“I’m too scared.”

How often do these thoughts plague you? How often do you feel unimportant, unequipped, and exhausted? How often do you just feel stressed out?

First of all, you are not alone. Everybody gets tired. Remember that you’re only human; you can’t do everything. You will run out of fuel sooner or later. That’s why you need a recharge.

Maybe you’re like me. I’m one of those busybodies who just want to “conquer the world” and do everything. I just want to spring forward, take charge, and fix everything. Sometimes, I get too overly confident in my own abilities instead of relying and depending on God. I can only go for so long before I get stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. I know I’m not the only one, right?

But then again, maybe you’re not like me. Maybe instead of being confident in yourself and your purpose, your self-esteem has deflated so much, you feel worthless and hopeless. How can God use you? What can you do? Maybe you feel like you always get in the way, you always mess things up, and you really have no purpose. Maybe you even feel like God gets annoyed with you sometimes.

Either way, you’re not completing God’s purpose for your life. If you’re overly confident and too busy, you’ll not only get tired at some point, but it gets easy to lose your focus on the real purpose. Sometimes you just need to slow down. Just stop. Stop worrying, stop freaking out, stop crying; just breathe. Lay back and look at your life. Look at the reality here. Check your relationship with God. Sometimes the thing is, you look like you’re focused and full of Christ from the outside, but on the inside you’re deflated. We busy people sometimes hit the auto-drive and plow forward like programmed robots. We talk about Christ. We live like Christ. But if it’s not real, we’re going to deflate at some point.

You’re going to get tired. Maybe you’ll even get bored. You’ll lose your focus, then sit back and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

It’s not supposed to work that way! You’re not supposed to wear that mask. You need to build your relationship with Christ FIRST. THEN, it will show on the outside all by itself. You won’t need to even try. If you build a strong faith and you have that firm foundation on Christ, you will talk and think about Him constantly. You will follow Him anywhere. People will see Him radiating from you in whatever you do and say. But you’re not going to look like that on the outside if you don’t check yourself on the inside.

Get the inside in check before you get the outside in check. Yes, the outside is extremely important, but the inside is your first priority.

Don’t brush this off. Let it soak in. Get real with God before you get real with others.

One of my favorite, favorite mottos (I may have mentioned it before) is this:

Jesus + nothing = everything.

If you have Jesus, you have everything. If you don’t have Jesus, you have nothing. It’s as simple as that, really. Don’t complicate things like humans so often do.

Now, about feeling tired and stressed out….you need to get focused. In everything you do and say, your focus should be Christ and Christ alone. Not fame. Not power. Not glory. Christ. Just Christ. That’s why you have these gifts in the first place. Are you fully focused on Christ?

If you’re focused on Christ and if you’ve got a firm, strong relationship with Him, you can rest in Him. When you get tired, you can go to Him! He will recharge you. He will hold you. You’re going to need to stop and slow down every now and then so you can get your recharge, so you can get your fuel. So you can keep moving forward.

This is how you become a strong woman in Christ. (Or, if you’re somehow a guy reading this, a strong man in Christ.) You will shine from the inside out, and others can come to know Christ through you.

This is what a true Christian should look like. We’re supposed to follow Christ, to live for Him, to reflect Him. He is our focus, our motivation, and our purpose. Through Him, you can do all things! He is your strength and your refuge!

This also goes for feeling inadequate and insecure. You are NOT purposeless. That’s one of the biggest lies ever. Don’t believe it! God has a plan for your life, whether you believe it or not. And remember that NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING – is greater than the Spirit living in you.

Some encouraging verses to go along with this:

(Images all found on, of course, the resourceful Pinterest)

God is for you!.pngHe restores my soul.pngI can do all things thru Christ.pngGod is my strengthmighty warrior.pngThe Lord stood with me.pngin deep waters.pngfind new strength.pngI will not be shakenGod is within her, she will not fall.pngdon't panic.pngHe is with meI am with you

Stay strong in your faith! Instead of panicking, trust Him. Go to Him with your troubles. He will take them and He will refuge you, recharge you, encourage you, equip you, and strengthen you.

He loves you so much! Never doubt it.

Have a great day, and God bless!



15 thoughts on “Stressed Out!

  1. Wow! That was just what I needed! Lately I have been feeling really down and un-purposeful because I have a problem. My problem is that when I try and want to find something, I never can! I think it’s something with either my focus or my eyesight. (even though I think my eyesight is fine) Thank you for making me feel like I’m NOT completely worthless! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m so very glad it encouraged you, Anika! πŸ™‚ Ooh, that does sound tough, but God has a purpose and a plan. He can use anyone for His purposes, no matter what kind of struggles (physical or mental) they may have. πŸ˜‰ I’ll pray for you! Oh yes, you are not worthless at all! You are a precious jewel in God’s eyes. πŸ™‚ You have a good day, Anika, and thanks for reading!


  2. That was SO encouraging! I really do forget that without God, I can do nothing. When I forget and try to do a million things, I completely stress out because I CAN’T do them! It’s such a good reminder that we have to, really have to trust in God for everything because we cannot do anything without Him!

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  3. This was wonderful, Misty!! I’m kind of one of those people that is stuck right in the middle. Some days I want to conquer the world and do something amazing for God. Other days, I just lose it. Discouraged, bored with every day routines, and tired with waiting for some action.
    I’m learning more and more that, just what you said, I need to stop worrying about what I might or can do and just wait on God’s plan for me and content with the little things. πŸ™‚
    I love that motto!!

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