Hey guys! So, sorry for the lack of posts, and that I’m posting just a little after Ellie (which was a great post, by the way), but I really didn’t want to miss another week of posting.
Anyways, so today’s post is gonna be short (haha, OR not), but includes a TRUE story about prayer.
Let me start by saying that prayer is important and powerful. Even if you think that God can’t hear you, well he can. And my church is very big on prayer, so sorry to you guys whose churches aren’t and may not get this post.
So, maybe…. six/seven years ago (and at a different church) my mom told me to pray for a family who’s husband/dad was practically dead and they were gonna pull the plug on the machine keeping him alive (he was brain dead) in a few days. So, of course, I prayed when my little kindergarten mind could remember.
And a little while later my mom either told me or I asked what had happened to that family. And, you know what? They all said their good-byes (though he was basically dead), and they pulled the plug and … he died.
Happy, right? Well. A moment later, he sat up and was alive! Though he was technically dead! And, years later we changed churches, and, much to my surprise, that’s the church where the guy goes! Though he still has problems with his heart, I still see him practically every week, and he’s doing a lot better!
So, what was the point of that story? Well, prayer CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I mean, it even rose a guy form the dead! So, just rememer that next time that you think that God can’t hear your prayers or won’t listen to them.
(That is a real story, and I really do go to church with him and know his son.)
Prayer works! And it’s amazing! Even if your request seems insignificant, it really isn’t!!
Happy Easter! 🙂


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