Heroes of the Faith

I love to read about different missionaries and their life stories.  Each one is unique and different.  They all have different childhoods, different parents and siblings, and different ways of being called to the mission field.  But there is one thing they all had in common, their love for the Lord so great that they will follow him anywhere!  These people who have followed the Lord no matter the circumstances have always very much interested me. Lots of these amazing stories of persecution and miracles have made me wonder if I would do the same thing for the God I serve.

So i’m going to show you some of my greatest heroes who have inspired me in my walk with the Lord.

          Corrie Ten Boom


During World War 2 Corrie Ten Boom hid Jews from the Nazi’s.  Because of it she had to go to prison and endure unbelievable hardships.

          Nate Saint


Most of you probably know of Nate Saint and how he lost his life in ministry for the Lord.

                       Rachel Saint

rachel  What amazes me about this lady, is the fact that she left all behind to be a missionary to the very same people who killed her own brother.

Lillian Trasher

lillian Lillian was actually engaged when she realized that she was called to the missions field.  Though it was very hard Lillian left to Egypt and started a orphanage.


So here are just a few missionaries who I love to read the stories of.  These are some of the people who have inspired me!

Who are your heroes of the faith?  I would like to know!  Feel free to say who yours are in comments below. 🙂

arrow                        Britt



16 thoughts on “Heroes of the Faith

  1. We as a family have been reading missionary stories are last two books were Lillian Trasher and Corrie Ten boom. Amazing people who never set out to be admired by people but who followed Gods calling for their life. Amazing role models!

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  2. I LoVe missionary stories!

    God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew is a really good book and one of my favorites. Patricia St. John used to be my model missionary, as in the ministry described in her book Star of Light is pretty much the type of missionary I would like to be if God called me to go into that field. Star of Light is also one of my favorites. I loved the story of Corrie Ten Boom, and Rebekah Pearl’s Diary gave a really realistic side to missionary life.
    Julia :^)


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