My Drawings! :)

I am here to show you some drawings I made. These are some lyrics that I really love and I wanted to put it into a drawing. Enjoy the pictures and down below I’m going to put a link to the songs. They’re awesome!

How Can It Be– Lauren Daigle

I’m not the biggest fan of this song, but this lyrics really stood out to me. You gave your live to give me mine. I just love it!

Oceans– Hillsong United

I love this song because I love the eagerness to just trust in God. It’s like the story of Peter. As he was scared of walking on the water he wanted to go more. Take me deeper for my feet can ever wonder. And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior. And I also love this line because God is mine. And I am yours. It’s just like giving yourself up. God I’m nothing without you. I am yours. And you are mine.

Great Are You, Lord-All Sons and Daughters

I love this song because it’s so meaningful especially for photographers. When I take pictures of sunsets and the sky I say, great are you Lord. It’s so meaningful for me!



Holy Spirit– Frachesca Battistelli

I love this song because it’s so relaxing and true. I love this line the most! 🙂

Please comment below why you love these songs! Thanks guys!


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