No, this isn’t a post about a Christian song! 😛 This is a post about grace- God’s gift to mankind through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

You know, some people think that they’ve gone too far to be forgiven by God, but that’s just not true. The centurion and soldiers who crucified Jesus believed on Him. Paul was saved- remember, he was the guy that went to foreign cities to arrest Christians and bring them to their deaths.

Jesus said that to whoever asks for forgiveness from Him, it will be given.

If you think about it, saying you’ve gone too far to be forgiven is really limiting God. It’s saying He can’t be that forgiving, but God can be and do anything. God can forgive whomever He pleases to, and that’s the bottom line. And whomever He pleases to, is whoever has faith and asks.

Grace is important to me on more than one level, because I know what God has forgiven in me, and because I have people near and dear to me who have not been forgiven- they haven’t asked. God is wonderful. He is marvelous, and His goodness to us cannot be recounted. Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap the reward, if we do not lose heart.

Watch. The day is coming, despite what the critics or the leaders or anyone say. Do you know how we know the day is coming? Because everything Jesus said would happen is happening. I’m not saying it’s the end times. Time could go on for a lot longer before the end, but that doesn’t matter. God will return, but because wickedness abounds, the love of many is growing cold. Many have become lukewarm, but we must not be so. We must be hot or else we will be spewed forth- pushed away.

The world is saying, “Let God do everything, and then we’ll believe,” but because He tarries, for His mercy’s sake, they say it will not be. It will be. God has said it will be, and it will. Never doubt Him.

I know I sidetracked my topic, but I sort of got going there!


The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers few. Pray therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send forth harvesters


8 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I love this post! I thought about it was about me at first (just kidding LOL, but that tends to happen, being named Grace and going to a Catholic school ;))
    You speak so much truth here; no matter the wrongs we’ve committed, God’s grace and forgiveness washes it all away, but we must come to Him seeking such forgiveness.

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  2. Ruth,
    I am thankful beyond measure for God’s grace. I believe that Satan tries to convince us that we are not worthy but God has shown that He offers the grace to anyone willing to accept His free gift. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. So nice to visit your site via Grace & Truth today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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