Inspiring Blogs! :)

Hello guys! Today I wanted to show you some blogs that whenever I need some encouragement I always know they’ll be there. They’re really good people and I just want to thank them for helping me!


I first want to just say every single blogger on Girls Living for God’s Glory! They all encourage me in so many ways. They all have different kind of posts, but they’re just so encouraging! Thank you girls for always encouraging me!

Allie from Spreading my Joy is so encouraging to me. I love her posts and they’re just so comforting and encouraging. Whenever I just want to look up some kind of inspirational posts I know she will have some good ones! Thanks Allie!

I love Mikayla from The Bubble Gum Ballerina writes really encouraging posts! Whenever I just feel like reading some kind of bible study post I look to her. She’s so true in all she says and I really love her posts! Thanks Mikayla!

Shelby from Every Bit of Lovely is awesome! She always has like the best bible verses with the best edits to them. She’s so inspiring and she’s a really good friend. She’s always super nice. Thanks Shelby!

Maddy from Maddy’s Digital Diary is so awesome! I love her photography. And yeah that’s not really a bible post, but it reminds me so much of God’s power and awesomeness. She’s so dedicated to inspire people and she’s just a good friend to people. I love how Maddy is just so nice to everybody. Thanks Maddy! You really do inspire me to be more kind and loving! 🙂

Sarah from Forever Changed. Although Sarah (hehe my sister) doesn’t always post so often she’s my sister. So like I get all of it right there. She’s really awesome. We vent about a lot. And we talk about cool Christian singers. Cause they cool.

Thank you to all these girls I just mentioned! I love you guys and you really inspire me to be more like God! And thank you! I love your feedback. Literally guys it REALLY makes me happy when I see a comment even just saying, “great post Ellie” because I love encouraging people! So, thanks guys! Thanks for reading! You are guys awesome!




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