Psalm and Proverbs

Hey everyone! Sorry that I’ve missed the past two (or three?!) posting times!! But I’m hoping to get back on schedule! 🙂

So I’m sure that you’ve all heard to read your Bible (and if not…), but where do you start? There are 66 books in the Bible, and where on earth are you suppose to start? You could always read Genesis or Matthew, but where from there? I mean, the next four or so books in the Old and New Testament are all basically repeats of Matthew and Exodus, so what next?

Well I’m sure you’ve heard this as well, but you should read Psalm or Proverbs. Seriously. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read them, but after going through a rough time, my youth pastor told me to start reading a Psalm a day. And that night I went home and read one. Ever since I’ve read a Psalm every night before bed. And now, I’m almost to one hundred Psalms!

As for Proverbs, my youth group was doing a challenge to get us reading more of the Bible, so they challenged us to read one Proverbs a day in January, since 31 chapters in Proverbs, 31 days in that month. Makes sense, right? Well of course I couldn’t back down, and I didn’t want to stop reading Psalms, so I took out my morning reading (which, being a bookworm, is really, really hard), and read one a day.

And you know what? While after reading Proverbs I may not feel as wise as Solomon, I had definitely gained something. There were some things that struck my heart that I was guilty of such as lashing out, losing my temper, etc., and I began to address them.

As for the Psalms, it actually helped me through my problem (though it still persists) indirectly. And I’ve felt happier, even just a smidgen (which is huge for me).

So, if you want to read the Bible but just aren’t sure where to start, I’d definitely recommend Psalm or Proverbs. In fact, I challenge you to read a Proverbs chapter a day in March (and in my next post, I’ll be sure to remind you). So mark your calendars, folks!

And that’s all I have for you today, happy reading!



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