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Today I’m going to post about abortion. On Sunday I was listening to my pastor preach about it and I was like, “yep totally posting about this.” It was a great sermon guys. If only you were there to listen because I’m definitely not saying it as well as he said it. But yeah let’s go!

The more I listened to this sermon I just thought how evil. How evil and hateful. To kill a baby.

In a video we watched it said that while the baby gets bigger it starts to suck it’s thumb. After a while I prefers it’s left thumb more than it’s right thumb or it’s right thumb more than it’s left thumb when sucking it’s finger. It’s also said that little babies can dream after a while in the belly. You can also feel the baby move. And change sides. And you want to kill this? You want to just throw it away like it’s a piece of paper? It’s a baby. And you want to kill it?

In another video we watched a man said that most ALL of the time moms abort their baby not because they don’t have enough many or because they’re not ready. It’s because they just don’t want a baby. They say oh it’s my body I can doing whatever I want with it. But no! If we could do whatever we want with our bodies we wouldn’t be in jail for murdering people. For stealing stuff. We can do whatever we want with our bodies.

That baby could become something extraordinary. Why would you want to throw it away? I was reading Samuel today and it was when Saul was about to be anointed kind and he said to Samuel, “Am I not a Benjaminite from the smallest of Israel’s tribes and isn’t my clan the least important of all the clans of the Benjaminite tribe? So why have you said something like this to me?” Guys, I know you might just be the person who’s not always getting straight A’s and plans to go to the college for the smartest people, but that does not mean you can not make a difference. That does not mean you can’t become someone great. I’m also reading about the Wright Brothers and both of them did not finish high school. But they made an airplane? How? Because God had a plan for them. Because God knew what was going to happen to them. Because God was faithful to them. He knew what they would do. And guys he has a plan for you. So don’t feel like you’re nothing. Cause you’re not.

So stand up. Make a change. We’re murdering babies and they’re saying it’s alright. I can murder anybody and I’m in trouble, but not a baby. Because it’s my body. No guys. No. This is wrong.


I was some video links for you to watch. These are awesome. So here you go. Hope you like.



Thanks guys! I sure loved giving this to you!






10 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. Great job, Ellie! ❤ People really need to hear about this kind of stuff. The thing that really bothers me is when people go out of their way to help sick/hurt animals, but then these same people turn around and kill a baby. 😦 It's just so wrong! My mom always says that one of those aborted babies could have been the person to cure cancer. I just don't understand why people think this is right. 😦

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  2. This is random, but I was just looking back at old posts….does anyone know what happened to Abigail? She hasn’t posted on her blog in a month, and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen her on here. I’m just wondering if she’s okay. 😉

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  3. Wonderful post. So much truth weighted in it. Science has become overbearing in the area of abortion, claiming that a fetus isn’t a baby, that at the moment of conception it’s just a bundle of cells that has no awareness or mental state, etc. They forgot: cells are living things! And those cells have the potential to BE AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING. People like to argue “well what if that baby you saved from abortion grows up to be for abortion?” I say it doesn’t matter: any baby at the moment of conception deserves to live: why else would God grant us the gift? It’s absolutely disturbing and troubling, but i’m afraid the only thing that will make any difference is our prayers and God’s intervention in the hearts of abortion supporters 😦 We just have to do our part of showing our opposition and praying.

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    1. Its silly nonsense to propose that the human fetus is anything BUT a baby human. Science is fully on the pro-life side, and so the ones for killing the baby have to twist logic and truth to far to where it fits their own propaganda.
      Its very sad and sickening to see how far we, as a nation, have fallen to justify murdering an innocent human child. I have seen people admit it is a person, and yet continue to say how it is still OK, for various, WRONG reasons. I don’t know if that is more upsetting that the evil of saying it is not a baby at all…
      And personally, I find the field of ‘this child could cure cancer’ a bit demeaning. It should not matter if that child can give back anything ‘huge’- their first right is to live. That’s it. It should never matter whether or not a child can do some huge feat to justify its own life- merely living everyday, being, is enough. A life shouldn’t be only valued on ‘huge’ accomplishments- life is more than curing diseases and being a huge part of society.
      Amen to what you said, Ellie. EVERYONE makes a difference. Big or small; its all the same, because it all changes and warps and grows things.
      Life is a gift from the Lord. It may seem like a simple phrase, but its so powerful… God loves all of us, died for us- and put us in our mother’s womb. To see that as a burden, as a mere choice to end…
      We must stand up and fight and pray and share the truth. Its hard, but that is what God calls us to do- not stand by and see our babies killed, just to keep the ‘peace’.
      God bless all of you.


  4. This was an amazing post and so true! It’s so hard to believe that anyone could just murder their baby and not even feel guilty about it. Like you said, their excuse is usually “it’s my body so I should be able to do whatever I want with it”. But they’re forgetting something….our bodies do not belong to us. They belong to the Lord! Our bodies are temples of God. How could anyone kill something that God created….that He made for a purpose greater than anyone could know…and when they abort that little baby….that purpose will never be known…

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