“Hold Me In Your Hand”

A while back, I was going through a really bad time, and I just felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. The only way I made it through was by asking God to “carry” me. I had to keep reminding myself to rely on Him, and I wrote this poem to help me remember that I could trust His fully mot to let me go.

Jesus, save me from this pain.
Help me to stand up once more.
Help me to walk again;
Pick me up from on the floor.

I’ve fallen and I can’t regain
My strength as oft before.
This time I can’t get up again;
I can’t do it anymore.

Jesus, please hold me in your hand,
Just as the Bible said.
Help me, right now, to understand
The pain inside my head.

I can’t go on, just on my own –
I need you to carry me.
No longer can I walk alone:
This fall has made me see.

So Jesus, hold me in your hand,
Hold me above the pain.
During this time that I can’t stand,
Shelter me from the rain.

Hold me and guard me from all fear;
Cover me with your wings.
Protect me Lord, when danger’s near,
And from all painful things.

Lord, you are strong when I am weak.
Give me your strength inside.
Your love and shelter now I seek.
Under your wings I hide.

Jesus, please hold me close to you.
I need to know you’re there.
I need to feel your love anew;
I need to feel your care.


12 thoughts on ““Hold Me In Your Hand”

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I never thought about making it a song, but I might try that – thanks for the idea!
      Thank you for the kind comment; it really made me smile. 🙂


    1. I’ll pray for your mom! It must be difficult for your family. But God will “work all things together for good”. 🙂

      PS I’m sorry I took so long to answer your comment – I missed it somehow until now.


  1. Amen. The only thing I would change is the part about keeping you from pain. It’s not God’s promise to keep us from pain- it’s to lead us through to victory! But wonderful poem, Nikki, and it really did truly speak to me! 🙂


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