One of the characteristics I admire in Abraham



One of the characteristics I admire in Abraham ( Abraham as in from Bible times. )  was his faith in God. Back in the time that he lived, there weren’t many people who believed in God. Abraham still chose to trust in Him and to put his faith in God. When God told him to move, he did. When God told him to kill his son, he was going to. He listen to this unseen God and was willing to do what He wanted him to do. He was putting his faith and trust in God completely, and he was living for Him. God even changed his name to show that He was putting his past behind and that he was now following and living for the Lord. He changed his name Abram ( which meant exalted father ) to Abraham ( father of the multitudes. ) God even changed his wives name as well. His wife, Sarai became Sarah. They both meant princess, they were just spelled differently. Both Abraham and Sarah were living by faith. Though Abraham had put his faith in God many time, there were time when he failed and made mistakes as well. This shows us though, that God can work through someone who has imperfect faith. When we fail in our faith, God is still in charge and He has a purpose for what we are doing. Abraham along with the other heroes of the Bible have made mistakes and messed up, but in the end they trusted in God, and as a result God was able to use them. We should strive to be that way as well. We all mess up and make mistakes, but we still need to trust in God and He will use us. We need to live completely for Him and always have faith in Him for what He is doing in our lives.



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