The Lifehouse Everything Skit

Happy New Year everyone!
This is a video that a friend showed me once, when I was feeling down. It’s one of most powerful things I’ve ever watched. It always makes me cry, because it reminds me that whatever is happening, God will come through, and nothing we do can stop Him from loving us. He will always call us back to Him, and take us in His arms when we can’t stand on our own.
It’s quite interesting – I planned this post a nearly two weeks ago, because I felt that God wanted me to share this video today. And it’s turned out that I need to be reminded of this message today: God made me a promise in August that means more to me than anything I could ever own, and last night, something happened that made me feel like God had changed His mind. But God doesn’t change His mind – He never breaks a promise. I’m really thankful to God for reminding me of that today.

(I’m sorry, but I can’t put the video in; it only works as a link.)


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