New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years Eve everyone! When I seen that I was able to post one the group blog for New Years Eve I was super siked!! I am really excited for the New Year to begin and I can’t wait to have a new fresh start. Today, since is it is New Years Eve, I thought I would show you my News Years Resolutions list. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day, and a Happy New Year! 😀

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  1. Read the Bible everyday.
  2. Spend more time with the Lord.
  3. Get a six-pack. 😉
  4. Work out everyday and get in better shape.
  5. Write a Journal entry everyday.
  6. Do at least 1 thing on my bucket list.
  7. Eat healthier.
  8. Get a 1st place ribbon at one of my Swim Meets.
  9. Work harder in school.
  10. Be a better sister.

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