Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!  I have to say the Christmas is probably my favorite holiday of the year.  Why?  It’s during the winter when we can play in the snow, Christmas music, hanging out with family, but most important of all it is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This year I have been doing some extra thinking about the Christmas season.  I’ve been thinking about what is would have I been like for Mary and Joseph on the first Christmas.  With it being almost Christmas I’ve been listening to a lot of sermons on the birth of Jesus and have learned a lot.

When the angel Gabriel came to Mary it was thought to be that Mary was only about 14 years old!  I’m not sure about you but that put a whole new perspective to the story for me.  Think of being a 14 year old girl and having an angel come to you and tell you that the Lord picked you to raise His very own son!  God entrusted his child to a teenage girl!

You know we can be encouraged in our walk with the Lord when we think of Mary.  God obviously picked someone who he knew would be a good example to Jesus as he grew up and so Mary probably had a super close relationship with the Lord.  If facts are true and Mary really was fourteen when she has Jesus than she would have been a teenager like most of you reading.  Mary could be a good example in the way of showing us that as teenagers we can make a BIG impact in the world!

Before I end this post I just want to encourage everyone of you reading, that through the busyness of Christmas to always remember the real reason of our celebrating.  Remember the gift that the Lord gave to us; His only son!





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