Musings on the Subject of Joy

Hello, friends!

Before I actually begin the post, I have to apologize for this being a day late. Yesterday was crazy busy, and we also had some difficulty getting this post up. Thankfully, we sorted it out and here it is! 😛


I’m not sure how many of you may celebrate Advent, but my family does and I’m loving it! This past week’s topic in our study is joy, and I found myself really thinking about it over the course of the week, and eventually ended up writing a short prose called “Musings on the Subject of Joy.” I would love to hear what you all think about it, so I thought I’d post it for today. Enjoy!

Musings on the Subject of Joy

     Sometimes, I wish the world would just slow down. I feel like the days are moving by in a blur, and my feet are stumbling as I try to keep up. I’m calling out to the people ahead of me, the people who seem to be doing perfectly fine, but they don’t hear my screams. I seem to be falling so behind on everything. My schedule is just a bunch of words, and boxes that need to be checked. It seems like I’m barely hanging on, like there’s this big, black, gaping hole chasing me down this road called life. If I don’t keep up, then that hole is going to swallow me. So I move faster, and faster. Tossing, churning, moving, going. Checking off my long list of to-dos. Wondering how those people can walk so casually, like they have no problems at all.

     This is who I used to be. This is how my thoughts revolved. Yet, now I know that it was me who was moving so fast. My checklist only grew each day I added something to it and each day I spent valuable time sitting on the couch, doing a little something called procrastination. Every time I let my worry overtake me, that gaping hole only grew bigger. When you let your life revolve around worry and fill your mind with frantic to-dos, you lose sight of your joy. Without joy, everything is black. Without joy, you have no hope. Why do you forget that you have an everlasting supply of joy? Your Savior is your source of joy, and he has a never-ending supply of which he will gladly give to you. Open your hand, don’t clamp it shut. Remember that you are a light in this dark world. You’re holding this little fire of joy, and you have to choose whether you’re going to open your hand wide to spread and grow the flame, or whether you’re going to clamp it tight to try to keep the joy to yourself, and extinguish it. Those people around you who seem so perfect? Every single one of them has at least one, small worry on their mind, and every single one of them has struggles and problems just as you do. This is why you need to spread the joy your Savior gives you. When you’re filled with worry, stress, and misery, turn to Him. He’s right there, waiting. You can have joy in dark times, because you have an everlasting supply.


Well, then, what do you think? Yes, it isn’t the best if you think about it grammatically (I strayed a bit), but the general idea was to jot down my thoughts and display the message. Thank you for reading, and I hope your day is filled with hope, joy, and encouragement.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!




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