I wrote a song/poem called Undeserving along with my little sister. It’s kind of a Christmas song and really it is a Christmas song, because it deals with why God came to man. Here it is:

Come down, from heaven to earth,

humbled, from Godhead to us,

lowly, You took on flesh-


Shepherds, came from the fields,

Wise-men, came from afar!

Rich and poor, to see this miracle!


(Chorus) I will waken the dawn with my love song!

What have I done? What can I do?

What can I give to You?

Undeserving, so undeserving of Your grace!


Your mercy, shone there so bright,

Your great Love, came into life!

You came, on that Christmas night!


The angels sang, all heaven rang,

He’s come to earth!

The mountains rang, creation sang,

Our Lord of All!



I hope you liked it 🙂 Christmas is a very special time. Don’t forget to say prayers for lost people, and for the world and especially, this is always important to me, soldiers. They’re away from their families, many of them, and Christmas isn’t that fun all alone. So let’s remember to pray for those who are separated from their loved ones!




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