The birth of Jesus: there’s more to the story.


My walking quickens. I just can’t bear to see people stare at my growing stomach and whisper about me behind my back. It has been a little while since the angel Gabriel appeared before me, and now it is becoming a reality. I am pregnant. Because I agreed to this, I am the talk of the town. I don’t even blame them. Pregnancy before marriage! Worst of all, I’ve heard my beloved Joseph plans to divorce me! I get to my home and walk inside. I kneel to my knees and pray. Afterwards, I feel better. God has a plan for me. He’s got it all figured out. I just need to trust in Him.

I am getting quite sore. After hearing that we needed to be counted for in Bethlehem, Joseph’s ancestor, David’s hometown we went away immediately. Joseph is standing to the right of me, leading the donkey by the reins. I slouch in my seat. This journey would not be as bad if I were not nine months pregnant! I have no idea where I will have the baby.

“I’m sorry, there is no room.” The innkeeper led us into the field to a barn. “You may stay here.” I looked around the barn. It smelled of fresh manure. “God is with us.” I offered a kind smile to Joseph. No matter where we are or what we do, I can know that God is with me.

Trust in Him, and amazing things will happen.

❤ Abi



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