Just Be You

In our society today it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others. We only focus on the bad things about us and not the good.

For example: I’ve had to deal a lot with acne on my face.  All I see is the redness of my face and nose and pimples dotting my face.  I see other people’s clear skin and compare my looks to theirs.  But, by doing that I’m just dragging myself down deeper and deeper.  Sadly, it took me awhile to realize that by comparing myself to others I wasn’t helping the situation at all. Sitting there and imagining myself the way I want to be, I forgot to thank the Lord for who He made me.  Coming to that conclusion didn’t make matters easy by any means, there are still times that I have to be careful not to look at myself any lower than anybody else.  I just need to remind myself that I’m beautiful, made exactly how God wants me to be.

And, you want to hear the best part of this whole post?

The same goes for you too! You are beautiful, made in God’s image, exactly how He wants you to be! 🙂  Remember that when you are having a rough day.  It doesn’t matter if your insecurity is the way you look, weight, your color of hair or eyes or anything else you are who God wants you to be.

Before I end this post I want to just talk about one more thing. As Sisters, cousins, friends or whatever we are, we can be an encouragement to every person we are in contact with.  If you see somebody having a bad day encourage them in who they are and most importantly in the Lord!

I have a wonderful friend who I feel the freedom to tell her my failures in life and she is always there to encourage me and straighten me out when I need it.  But, she is always loving and a good friend encouraging me in my walk with the Lord. 🙂  (If you are interested this friends blog is called http://www.blogonpaper.wordpress.com).  And I’m so thankful for her!

God will use an ordinary girl like you or me to do great things!




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