God’s Power

Hello, friends! So sorry for the long absence! I’ve been off computers for a while. I have to admit I am not perfect and was grounded.

So sometimes life gets really full. Am I right? Right now I am doing Honors Advanced Biology, finishing some Honors Chemistry, and doing a book called “Advanced Math” which means Honors Trigonometry, Honors Pre-Calculus, and Honors Geometry all smashed into one book….

Besides all that, I’ve been applying to college (I’ve been accepted! YAY! Thank God!) and looking for scholarships. Then of course, it’s the holiday season…. Pretty busy!

God’s power is awesome! I mean, what kind of power exists that brings dead people back to life? What kind of power saves people from eternal damnation? Only God. When I think about all the things I’ve done wrong, how stupid I’ve been, etc., it really hits home how awesome God’s power is! Besides which, God’s power is a great comfort. I entered an essay contest called the Voice of Democracy, and I worked so hard on my essay but I know that I’ll only win if God wants me to. At the same time, I know I did my best and that if I don’t get the national scholarship, it won’t be for lack of trying. God in His power is going to decide who gets that scholarship and I need to ask Him for what I want.

I think we can all agree that God’s power is the most awesome ‘thing’ (if I may call it that) in existence or that ever was! Praise God for He alone is worthy to receive honor and glory and power!




9 thoughts on “God’s Power

  1. Amen!! This was a wonderful post, Ruth! God’s power is truly amazing.
    That is FANTASTIC that you’ve been accepted into college! What type of career do you hope to pursue?


      1. Really? That’s a wonderful interest! I’m sure the Lord has a great plan for your life, and will reveal his will to you! Thanks for replying to my nosy comment. 😛

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