A Man Named Bruchko

Hey everybody! My name is Brittni, and I’m new to Girls Living For God’s Glory. By “new” I mean this is my very first blog post on this blog. I’m  super excited!

For my first blog post, I’m going to talk about a book I read for school called “Bruchko.”



“Bruchko” is the amazing, true story about  Bruce Olson, who at the age of nineteen, follows the Lord’s calling and heads into the deep jungles of South America. It’s an empowering story of Bruce Olson’s heart for the Indians of Venezuela and Colombia. Bruce (later named Bruchko by the Indians where he served) left the comforts and securities of home to serve a people in the deep, dark jungles. It’s the story of a friendship that no one ever thought possible, the amazing power of God, and of God using an ordinary man to do great things.

How did this book encourage me and my walk with the Lord? This book showed me that if I’m willing, God can use me to do amazing things. It showed how God softened a people’s heart towards Him through a normal person just like you or me. It showed me a young man who willingly followed the Lord wherever He was leading him, and trusting Him, knowing the He had his best interests in mind.

I highly recommend this book for all of you who are looking for a good book to read! If you are interested, here is the link to the website where you can order this book www.ywampublishing.com.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


9 thoughts on “A Man Named Bruchko

  1. Welcome to the blog Britt! I am really looked forward to your posts and I am so happy you get to blog with us!
    This books sounds really good! Wonderful first post! 😀


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