‘Do You Believe?’ Movie Review


Hello everybody! A month ago my family and I got to watch the movie, ‘Do You Believe?’. I loved it and thought I would do a review on it! 🙂 I hope you all enjoy and have a blessed day! 

Do You Believe is a movie based on 12 different amazing people and their stories. A preacher and his wife are unable to have a child. A 13 year old pregnant girl with no where to go. An unsaved nurse and her husband who is a Christian. An old couple who lost their only child. A homeless single mom and her daughter. A Christian man who is suffering with hemoptysis. A war veteran returning home with PTSD. A young woman seeking for love and support from her father, and a young man in a bad situation. All of these people struggling in some part of their lives are at one point all asked the same question, do you believe?

I thought that ‘Do You Believe?’ was really good and a very well put together movie! I would definitely recommend it!  I give it  a five star rating! 🙂

Warning: This is a very sad movie and has a lot of drama! But worth seeing. Get your tissue boxes ready! 😉


Have you seen ‘Do You Believe?’. 


5 thoughts on “‘Do You Believe?’ Movie Review

  1. Just recently saw this movie and thought is was from an interesting perspective. We only see the smaller picture but the Almighty “sees all” and is working it out for our good. I think the movie shares this important message which I really appreciated. Thank you for joining the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! 🙂

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