Preview of my book!

hey ya’ll!!

As some of you might know, I author many stories (fiction and non-fiction alike). Below is a preview of one of my MANY MANY books. 🙂 😀 enjoy!


Taken from Malachi chapter 4

Malachi paused for a moment before he dipped his quill pen into the ink well again.

     He began to lift his hand, but, lost in thought, it stayed there, hovering above the ink jar.

     His worn, calloused fingers twitched in anticipation as his old brain struggled to remember the last words Yahweh had uttered.

     The last words to be heard from God by a man for over four hundred years.

     Finally, after thinking awhile, it came to him. Sighing with weariness, Malachi dipped the quill pen into the small, black jar again. He tapped the pen on the top of the ink well several times, letting the excess ink drip off. This way, there would be no blotches of ink on the scroll. Yes indeed, only the best for God’s testament.

     When Malachi began to write again, the pen made a low-pitched scratching noise on the rough parchment. How loud it seemed on such a silent night!

     Malachi smiled. Silent night. Like the one that the Messiah would be born on. How ironic.

     Silly old man, he scolded himself. You and your sentimental ramblings.

     When he was finished, Malachi sat back in his chair to look over his work in the low candle light, which flickered and fluttered occasionally.

     He cringed when his old chair made a high-pitched screeching noise.     “Curse this old chair!” Malachi grumbled when it had frightened him.

     Sighing again, he resumed reading. When he was done, Malachi nodded in satisfaction over the words he had written.

     Rather, not his words, but the Words of the Living God.

     After he had read it a second, then a third, then a fourth time, Malachi looked up into the heavens.

     “Lord,” he said aloud, “I have fulfilled what you have commanded me to do. Now let your faithful servant rest in peace.”

     Standing up, his chair groaned again from old age and constant use.

     Malachi picked up his finished scroll and wrapped it up as tightly as it could go, tying it with a rough piece of twine, and put it in the shelf behind him.

     Malachi blew out the candle and walked off, into his small bed chamber.

     The smoke from the candle curled into many different shapes as it rose and drifted out the window, into the starry night sky.

                                             * * *

     That night, sleep did not come easily to the old prophet Malachi. He twisted and turned on the small cot as the words of the Lord kept coming back to him . . .

                  “Behold, I will send you

                     Elijah the prophet,

                     Before the coming of the great

                     And dreadful day of the Lord.

                     And He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children,

                     And the hearts of the children to their fathers,

                     Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

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God bless you, and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! 😀



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