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So, I’m not going to lie to you people, I forgot what I said I was going to post (annnd it’s not on the calendar, so who knows!). Then I came up with another idea, but then I had to go to dance, and guess what? By the time I got home I forgot my other idea. So know I’m just doing this. 🙂

So, I’ll list a few of some great Christian books that I love (and along with some links if I’ve done a review on it).

First up is Dragons in our Midst by my favorite author Bryan Davis. So, these are some great Christian fantasy books that, you’ve guessed it, have a lot of dragons. 🙂 These books are great for teenagers, but also for adults (my mom enjoyed them), and some who aren’t quite teens (my ten year old brother enjoyed this series). It also has a follow up series that is The Oracles of Fire which is for a little older audience, but still just as good. And finally, ending the whole series and it’s follow ups, is The Children of the Bard series, which is for even older people (okay, not old, but at least thirteen). Anyways, if you haven’t read this (these) series (s), then I definitely recommend them. (click here for my review of the first book.)

Next, the Time Captives Trilogy by the amazing Morgan Elizabeth Huneke. This is a middle-grade book series, but it can still be enjoyed by teens nonetheless. Only the first two books have been published in this series, but those two are amazing! I’d highly recommend this series. (click here for my review of the first book, and here for my review of the second.)

Then the Xardis Chronicles by Jessie Mae Hodsdon. This is  an amazing book series that is very Christiany (is that a word??), but also is very fantasyy (yeah, now I’m making up my own words. 😛 ). These are great! It’s geared towards middle-grade, but can still be enjoyed by teens nonetheless.

And then we have the Ilyon Chronicles by the lovely Jaye L. Knight. I think teens and up would enjoy this, but some younger might as well. Elom (God) is a big part of it (well, all of it). Only two books and a novella have been published, but they’re all written beautifully. (here is my review of the novella.)

And this is the last one because it’s a school night and I’ve still got to go to bed. 🙂

My final one is Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra E. Ardnek. This book is great. I love it, and I’m sure many other teens (and older?) would too. I’m not sure how preteens or younger would like this (within the next few weeks I’ll be reading this to my brother), but it’d be fine for them to read. This is great, and Alphego (God), is a big part of this as well. (read my review here.)

Anyways, I hope you guys read these books and enjoy them!

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What is your favorite Christian book??


8 thoughts on “Christian Books

  1. The only ones I haven’t read are Children of the Bard and the Xardis Chronicles. The writer of Time Captives is actually my sister, so I’ve read the last book in the trilogy already…

    Oh, my goodness, Ilyon Chronicles is SO good. Probably one of my favorite book series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s SO not fair! I really, really want to read the last book! Like really want to. 🙂

      And the Children of the Bard series is amazing! I loved them! And oh that ending! Even better then the ending to The Oracles of Fire!

      The Xardis Chronicles is a great book series! We have all three and I need to reread them soon…

      And finally, IKR? They are SO, SO, SO good! They’re so good I’m going to force my younger brother to listen to me read them. Mwahahaha!! 😛


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