Hearing God

I’m scheduled to do a post on hearing God, and to be quite blunt, I’d forgotten until now (6:30 pm EST). I have to say that when I thought of doing the post today, I was hoping it was to be on living for God because I had something I was thinking of that I wanted to write on. So, today is going to be a two topic post! I hope you don’t mind. We’ll start with hearing God.

It seems that a lot of people nowadays think that to hear God they  have to have some sort of awesome experience, like at a Bible conference or camp or a prophetic word spoken over them. This isn’t true. God uses things in our everyday to speak to us. His Word is the Bible and so to hear God all we have to do is open up where He wrote down His words through His prophets. Then, He also directs us by our circumstances, the people who have authority over us (parents), and desires He puts in our hearts. If we are truly living for God, His desires will become our desires. If we seek God and His will everyday, He will lead us in His will.

What I mean? You don’t need a prophetic word to hear God. You don’t need some kind of great spiritual experience. Remember, the “still, small voice”.

Part 2

I want to address magic. Strange topic? Not quite so strange as you might think. And please, if you disagree, feel free to say as much in the comments and give your reasons why. I’m giving my Biblical reason for why I think magic is wrong.

Now, in the Bible, (this is the New Testament), Paul lists witchcraft and sorcery along with these evils; Idolatry, hatred, seditions, heresies, adultery, fornication, murders, lasciviousness. That’s pretty serious stuff.

I realize a lot of people think, “yeah, well, this isn’t supposed to be of the devil magic it’s just awesome powers”. I understand what they are thinking, but I think their thinking needs to be changed and I think the Bible supports this idea. In 1Thessalonians 5:22 Paul wrote, “Abstain from all appearance of evil” he also said, “Whatever things are pure, good, lovely, true, meditate on these things”

There’s also another way to look at it. Jesus said, “Whoever is not for Me, is against Me”. And whatever is not of God is of the devil. Remember that? Okay, so, does magic and witchcraft come from God? I hope your answer is no. That’s the right answer. So, if it doesn’t come from God, according to the Bible, then where does it come from? Satan. Now if real witchcraft and magic is from Satan, then why do we entertain ourselves with things of the devil? It really distresses me the amount I see of “Christian fiction writers” who write magic. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a Christian fiction author who didn’t write magic and spells and stones that make things happen.

I’m totally fine with making a witch an evil character. I may not read the book just because I really do not like reading about evil demonic things, but I’m sure witches can serve the purpose of a demonic force in a book. What burns me up and I’m certain really disappoints God, is the way we have “white magic” and “good witches” (God told Israel to put witches to death) and then we have the spells and the magic stones and the only way to reverse the spell etc. Satan has woven it into our culture that witchcraft and magic are just “pretend”. It’s just a fairy story!

Satan doesn’t come knocking at the door in a red cloak, horns, a weird tail and a pitchfork and say, “Hey, blaspheme God!” He comes “disguised as an angel of light” and gives us some truth tossed in with some lies. “Witches, yeah, they can give evil spells and cause harm and disaster and they’re evil but, haven’t you ever heard of the white witch??? She’s a good guy (or lady rather)” It’s slowly been turned around from being the evil thing to being the good thing. The witch helps the prince, the witch helps the princess, the witch is good! No. Witches are never good. God said that. Either we agree with God, or we agree with Satan. Which is it?

I know I’ve come down hard on just about every American Christian. Everybody I know (other than family members) does witches, Harry Potter, magic, warlocks etc. But, if we are with the culture in that, then where do we differ? If we don’t differ from the culture in matters of darkness and Satan, then where? We need to draw a line of difference! We need to live differently from the world so they will understand that Christianity is different.

I hope this encouraged you!


10 thoughts on “Hearing God

  1. I don’t do Harry Potter. 😉 There’s another person on you side. 🙂
    It bugs me because most people (many of whom are Christian) seem to read\be interested in that type of stuff, which is fine, I guess, since all families have different beliefs\rules\opinions.


  2. Oh no, I just sent my last comment before I was done! 😛
    But yeah, I don’t like witchcraft and all that stuff. And neither does God, so if He doesn’t, of course I don’t either. 🙂
    Great post, Ruth!

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    1. Well, I’m glad there’s another person that doesn’t believe in doing those things. There’s a verse that says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (It’s Hosea 4:6) I really want more Christians to be knowledgeable on this subject.

      Thanks for your encouragement!

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  3. Yeah I understand what you’re saying. Something like Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I think is fine because the witch is representing Satan. Now that you say it, I don’t like how they’re making witches good now too. I’ve never really thought of that. Great post!


  4. Good morning!

    I came over on Modest Mom to find your post. We were “parked” near each other today.

    Thanks for sharing some thoughtful words on both how God speaks and on “magic.”

    I love that “still small voice.” And, I think of Jer. 33:3 – “Call to Me, and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”

    Isn’t it great that we can call to our God, and He will speak to us and show us things we don’t know!

    Hope you have a blessed day today~

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  5. Hi Ruth,

    Overall, I really enjoyed this post! My family doesn’t do magic stuff either. We don’t watch Harry Potter or nothing of that nature. Honestly, we don’t even watch the Disney movie ” The Princess and the Frog” because of all of the voodoo and magic in it. I love how when you post, you always have Bible verses in it. It makes it all that better. It does bother me as well when Christians say and watch that kind of stuff. Every Christian I like you said ” other then family ” watches that kind of stuff. I do sort of get where there coming from because they might think that it’s cool. They know that it’s not real so they feel like it’s fine. But it’s not. I’m glad to hear of other Christians who feel this way!

    About the Christain fantasy books… I get kind of confused on that. Like, when I was little, I loved fairy books and there was trolls and magic water and all of that kind of stuff that was fun to me. It’s like though it’s magic and all, I just think and tell myself, it fantasy, it’s fake, it’s not really real, it’s just for fun. I think though that I’m finally completely understanding how even though it is fake and not real ( just like magic is fake ) it’s still not good. Other then the Christain fantasy books that I was emailing you about, I don’t read fantasy books. The only things I really read are school books, the Bible, and missionary stories. I also loved how you used that whatever is true, whatever is noble verse. My mom put that verse right above our TV many years ago. She it was kind of a reminder to read before you turn on the tv since there are so many bad things on it.

    One last thing, I’m going to send out an email really soon but do you mind if I ever link-up your posts? I like to do that every once in awhile if I read one you guys posts that I really like. I actually linked-up your Living For God because I loved it so much and somebody featured it on there blog. 😀

    Sorry that it was so long!

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  6. Great post. thanks for pointing us to the Bible to read God’s words and to “hear” from Him.

    I don’t understand how Christians can be interested in reading those novels either, unless they are young Christians and don’t understand yet. I can remember when the Lord first saved me that it took some time for me to realize that the books on my shelf did not honor Him and in most cases were downright evil. Every few months I had a book purge! So it can be a matter of being naïve or untaught. But unfortunately, some Christians who ought to know better can be naïve and undiscerning too. Like babies who put everything into their mouths, they take the world’s opinions as worthy of listening too and so if the world thinks it’s good, they jump onboard. But as you pointed out, this is not to be the case with a true, bible-believing Christian. We are to test the spirits, we are to run from darkness and seek the light and the truth.

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  7. Yes, YES! Thank you so much for posting this. This topic has actually been on my mind a lot lately, as I observe the world around me and the popular books and movies nowadays. What the Bible says is evil has become good in the eyes of the world, and what the Bible says is good has become evil. Everything is upside-down. I completely agree with you on how we, as Christians, need to draw that line of where we stand in this matter. You’re either against God or you’re with Him. It’s a little frustrating to me how magic and witches are slowly being crept into even children movies and shows, and as good guys! :/
    Thank you for posting on this topic! This really helped me think deeper on it. 😉


  8. Ruth,thank you so much for this post! Some of my family enjoys Harry Potter books, and movies. I don’t like witches being portrayed as good. I really enjoy your posts on this blog.


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