Living For God

When Maddy first asked me to say beforehand what I planned to post on, I asked if I could keep it vague and told her, “Living for God” and “Hearing God”. But really, I looked at it after I typed it and realized, those are not vague. Those are two definite titles that have a definite theme.

Today’s is on living for God.

Do you live for God? Let me make that more personal and ask myself. Do I live for God? When I snap at my siblings because they’re acting up or being boisterous, is that for God I am doing that? No. That’s for myself. That’s because “important” old me feels irritated and of course, how dare anyone irritate me!

What has God asked me to do in His word? He said to “love one another, for love is of God” and He said “be patient” and He said “he who says He loves me but hates His brother is a liar”. When I snap at my brother, is that love? No. What’s the opposite of love? hate.

The point of this illustration is that living for God is done in the little things. It isn’t only when we get an invitation to a missions trip. It isn’t only when we lead worship at youth group, it’s in the everyday. The very little things are what we either worship God with or defame Him with.

Sounds hard, doesn’t it? But there’s some good news, too! God loves us so much and is so forgiving! If we go to Him when we sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us because of the sacrifice His Son made!

Let’s live for God in every way!

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