Compassion International: Sponsor a Child

Hello ladies! How are you all? Today, I thought I would talk about sponsoring a child with Compassion. When you sponsor a child you get to write to them and let them know how much they are loved! It is an amazing experience for you and for them! I have sponsored a sweet nine year old girl named Casiddy since February 26, 2015. It makes me feel really good that I am able to write to her and encourage her, and let her know how much God loves her!

Here is a letter I recently received from her.

Dear Shelby,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I send you a huge hug! I want you to know that my favorite Bible story is the Ark of Noah. What I do best is skate. My favorite sport is volley ball. My favorite TV shows are Tangled because it is very funny, Campamento Lakebottom because they get in trouble and The Beauty and the Beast because she gets what she wants. I am not the oldest at home; my sister is older than me. There are 2 cats and 2 parrots in my family; we used to have 3 cats, but one was killed. My favorite subject is Spanish. I am so happy to get your letter! I like so much to hear about you. I’d like you to send me a picture of you. Thanks for praying for me and my family. I will pray for you too. I give you this Bible verse: Pslam 90:1



When I got that letter and read it, my heart melted! ❤

Here is a video is also a video I found.

You can either correspond a child, or sponsor one. For more info on the corospondence sponsor click here if you would like to be a sponsor click here.

Hope you all have a lovely day, and thank you for reading! 😀


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