“I am holding your hand”

So, I just did a post on my personal blog about this, but I want to flesh it out more and after reading Anna’s post (just before this one.. gosh, she did such a great job!) I thought it would be a good time to keep going with the theme.

In Isaiah 42 there is a verse that says, “I, the Lord, am holding your hand” When I read that, it made me feel so special! The beginning of the chapter is saying about how God is the God of all the earth and goes on to prophecy about Jesus and then in pops this verse! God is the God of all the earth and STILL He takes the time to hold each of our hands!

I’ve been having a lot of busy-ness going on lately. I’m planning for college next year, finishing school, trying to get scholarships, trying to draw nearer to God, and guess what? God is drawing near to me, like He promised He would. “Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you”

When we take time to live for God, and seek to honour Him in everything, He rewards us. He’s given me a closer relationship with my mom, and a real relationship with my oldest sister. Not only these two specific relationships, but I feel like I’m pressing in more to my family. It makes me happy because, really, our families are the most important thing! If we can’t get the hang of that with our siblings and parents, we won’t get the hang of it with our own families someday! God loves me and He loves you, and He’s giving us the very best if we just continue to seek Him!

Continue in living for God’s glory, girls, and be open to whatever God calls you to! He will use you! He wants to use you!




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