You Are Beautiful

Hey guys,
It’s Emma here! So today, I am gonna do something that will be a little hard for me. I wrote this note to myself when I was feeling particularly… I dunno. Blah. Yuck. Just plain ol’ ugly. I know that everyone has these days. So girl, I don’t know you that well. Yes, I’m speaking to you. That girl who really is beautiful yet she hides it by fading into the background. Yes, YOU.

So today I’m gonna share this note with you. It’s time that I stop hiding my smile, time to stop fading into the background.
This is my heartfelt, ligit note to myself.

I am beautiful.
When I look in the mirror and pull back a strand of hair from my ear, I smile a small, yet full, smile, that draws into my eyes, I believe that I am beautiful. When I gaze into my own eyes in the mirror, I see specks of dark blue and green and even a little hazel amongst the icy blue. When I study my nose, I’m fond of the roundness at the end, like a tear drop dripping off the bridge. My hair almost seems caramel at times, and I love the strands of hair that curl around my ears and hairline when hastily pulled into a messy bun. The dark and light streaks that run through my hair and fall in layers around my shoulders sometimes make me feel full of fun and give me a sense of spontaneity. The freckles that sprinkle across my nose bring out the sharpness of my eyes, and at times like this, I can actually feel like this girl is beautiful. Even though her hips aren’t the widest and she isn’t a B cup, her God-given beauty should overshadow that. But instead I often I pay more attention to myself when I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in a while, I haven’t shaved in a couple of days or my hair just won’t cooperate with me. Or my teeth seem super yellow this morning and the tiny gap between my two front teeth seems enormous. Maybe I fee ugly this particular morning and I feel like I’m not beautiful in the least. But girl, that’s not true. Seriously? Your gonna let your few bad days overrule your bad? Your few embarrassing moments overrule your good ones? Re-read this note. Maybe you’re wrong.

Go ahead. Even though this note was to myself, I still hope it spoke to you and encouraged you to find out what’s beautiful about yourself. Write a note like this, and read it when your feeling blah. When you’re feeling yuck. When you’re feeling just plain old ugly!!

Go on.

Go get ’em, gal.

‘Cause you’re beautiful


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