Never Forget

I hadn’t realized when I woke up that today is Patriot Day. Nor did I immediately remember that I have the honour of posting on our blog today (Thanks Maddy!)

I want to remind you, readers, to remember the people who died today fourteen years ago during the attacks on our country. Pray for their families and for their friends. Remember our emergency workers, our military members, and our leaders and don’t forget to pray for them.

When the towers fell, America came together in a great way to provide relief and cleanup and sympathy. We joined together to rid ourselves of a crisis. We were great! Because we would not be put down, because we turned to God in the midst of our calamity, we rose up from that crisis. ย Never forget what we can be as a country! Never forget to pray for our nation.

“The reason a flag is left at half mast in times of mourning, is to make room for the invisible flag of death above.” – Not sure who said that


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