“Case for Christ For Kids” Review


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review this 90-day devotional book that I got for Christmas two years ago. It is called Case for Christ for Kids by Lee Strobel.

I really enjoyed doing each day’s devotion. Most often, people never follow through with their devotions because it just gets pushed aside or too boring for them. Now, don’t twist my words on me and tell me that you have never done that. I know. That’s why I said most often. Not every single time.

Lee Strobel did an excellent job writing this book! He knows just how to include something that kids love and relate it to Christ. I’m 13 and even love it!

I am ashamed to say that I am one of those people who find devotions boring after a while. Every devotional book that my parents bought me I never really enjoyed. Even when I opened that book up as a Christmas present, I wasn’t feeling too happy about that being one of my presents. But I tried it, and I ADORED IT!

Usually I never give anything a complete 5 star rating, but this book definitely deserves it 100%! I just cannot express how amazing this devotional book is. I cannot! I highly recommend it for your family. I will tell you, it is worth every penny!

(The first devotion for day one is called “Hot Dog Faith”)

Please, please, please take your time to check it out and ask your parents to look into it. It is so worth it!

Love, Trinity


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