Camp and Quotes

So last week, I went to a five day long youth camp and had a blast. We had some awesome speakers and some awesome worship sessions! It was great! I got to play my guitar with some new friends and sing during free time and that was definitely one of the most fun times!  We heard some awesome testimonies from our speakers and got to spend a lot of time just hanging out, too!

I’ve got some quotes for y’all. Here they are.

“Do not let things that did not create you define you” – Curvine Brewington (he’s a Christian rapper)

“Life is a long road with small steps. Keep moving forward.” – Heath Kaddell

“Nothing will ever happen unless you do something today” – Heath Kaddell

“God is the most important relationship” – Joe Adams (that guy was a GREAT speaker)

“I am significant because God has chosen me” – Joe Adams

Some tips for not totally falling apart after camp 😉 Keep reading your Bible and studying the notes you made! Set some time aside for prayer, it’s VERY important!


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