Why I Do Photography

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to be talking about why I do photography. Enjoy!

Photography is a popular thing that many people enjoy doing. I’m one of them. But, why do we really do it? What is the reason your doing it for? I do photography to be able to show everyone how beautiful this world is and what an amazing King that we have who made it. I want everyone to think of God when they see my pictures and what an awesome creator He is. Not, what type of photographer I em.


Yes, we take the picture so it’s going to be our picture, but, it’s God who should get the credit. He made everything beautifully. We just simply press a button.


                            So guys, why do you do photography? I thought that maybe we could all post it on our blogs to see what answers we come up with. Link below with your post if you do it.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this! Have a blessed day!


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